Residential Additions

If you need a bit more space or a lot, an addition might be the perfect solution for your home! A well-planned and executed home addition will pay for itself time and time again; when done right, it can significantly increase the value of your home and maximize your investment.

Whether you’re thinking about adding a single room or a second story - or even an outdoor room - the Shignanski team has seen it all. Working with our experienced team ensures that your project will be finished on time and without any hiccups, so you can get straight to enjoying your beautiful new space!

“From the first contact through to the last clean up and final check-in by Justin, every Shignanski employee was friendly, professional and easy to deal with. Any questions or requests we had were quickly addressed to our total satisfaction. We are very happy with our completed project and would not hesitate to recommend Shignanski Construction."

Case Study: The Mcgaffin Project

The Mcgaffins love their property but were nearing retirement and looking to update their property so it suited their changing needs. They wanted to add a butler’s pantry, increase storage space in the basement, and create an ensuite bathroom.

Challenges & Considerations

The project required digging a basement foundation while supporting the second floor of the house and ensuring the new addition appeared to be part of the original build. Plus, the owners planned to live in the house during the extensive renovation process.

Our Approach

We began by developing a plan with our engineers on how to support the house during the renovations and setting up a project schedule. We started the renovation with clear goals and met regularly with trades and carpenters to ensure the project progressed safely and according to plan.

The Result

The clients were left with a space that accomplishes everything they wanted and they are now happily enjoying their retirement in a newly renovated home. 

"We have found the Shignanski team to be highly skilled with pleasant staff throughout, concerned about the product and service they are providing. We found the trades people very helpful with suggestions and explanations as our projects progressed. The management team proved very knowledgeable and capable in providing solutions and options to all our ideas and concepts.

We would not hesitate in recommending Shignanski Construction to undertake your renovations or construction project."

- Ron & Sherill

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