Our Process

1. Discovery

To understand what BUILDING FUTURES means to you, we start with a discovery meeting, where we explore the project, your needs, and your lifestyle. Here are some of the things we’ll discuss:

About the Project

  • Needs & Priorities
  • Dreams & Visions
  • Opportunities
  • Concerns & Challenges
  • Budget

About Your Life During the Project

  • Your daily life in general
  • Home access preferences & security
  • Site management: deliveries, materials storage, garbage removal, etc.
  • An outline of the renovation process

2. Developing The Plan

Based on our discovery meeting, we...

  • Design plans that address your needs, ’nice-to-haves’, and even some dream options
  • Develop a prioritized project plan
  • Outline budgets

3. Interactive Visual Presentation

Visit us at our presentation center for your interactive visual presentation where we will present the plan for your project. During this meeting you can expect that these things will occur:

  • We ensure that all your needs and priorities are addressed
  • You have a chance to explore some of your options
  • We confirm your budget before we begin the physical work

4. Project Success Presets

Now the the Project Plan is confirmed, it’s time to preset the project for success!

  • Contract & payment schedule is agreed upon
  • Project schedule is presented
  • A supplier & shopping list is provided so you can select and finalize your finishes and material choices
  • We set up a trades day to bring the team up to speed on your project & preferences

5. The Build

Throughout the project, your dedicated Project Manager and their team are considering and monitoring the following and keeping you informed:

  • Budgets & change order approvals - no surprises!
  • Timelines, scheduled selection notices & status updates
  • Consistent site clean-up schedule
  • Status walk-throughs at key points in the project

6. Polish & Walk-through!

Once we’ve completed your project...

  • All garbage, tools and excess materials are removed
  • Professional cleaners ensure the work site and any traffic areas are spotless
  • Presentation walk-through

Enjoy your new space!

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