#1: The Spa Experience

When you wake up the first place you’ll find yourself moving to is the bathroom. Whether you have an en-suite or a full bath down the hall from your bedroom, your feet shouldn’t have to suffer the walk on cold floors from our frigid Canadian temperatures. Installing in-floor heating is the best gift you can give to yourself and is at the top of our list for luxury upgrades.

You don’t have to stop at just the bedroom and bathroom, either. In-floor heating across the whole house can not only save you from chilly surprises, but it can improve indoor temperatures using electricity and water instead of guzzling your gas for the furnace.

#2: 5-Star Chef’s Kitchen

Inspire the chef inside of you with luxury upgrades you didn’t think you’d ever need. Amaze your guests by cooking dinner AND dessert at the same time with a double oven. Open up the space with a gas stove range and elegant looking hood vent. You’ll have the ability to cook anything your favourite restaurant serves right in your own fabulous kitchen! When you’re ready to eat, lose the laminate and kick back at your island waterfall quartz countertop and enjoy the view.

#3: A Spot of Tranquility

While quality, entertainment, and tech are the major players in capturing that luxury experience, nothing says “extravagance” quite like a home library. When you need to relax from the hustle and bustle, settle down on a chaise with a glass of bubbly surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves stocked with your collection of the classics and your personal favourites. 

Optionally add some sound-proofing to prevent unwanted distractions and really immerse yourself in the serenity of it all.

#4: Fit for Luxury

Building out a private home gym is not only convenient and suited for you, but if you make the right upgrades it will be so well-equipped that your friends and family will want to pay you a membership to use it!

Don’t worry, the important aspects of your home gym can fit into a moderate space without taking up the whole basement. You’ll want to focus on not just the equipment, but the general-use space as well. Add a refreshing wet bar for your pre-workout prep, and a smoothie station to properly reward yourself and your body after intense sessions.

#5: The High-Tech Life

Finally, to bring it all together and to set the mood anywhere and everywhere, connect your home with smart technology. Simple additions like under-counter or under-cupboard lighting can brighten up spaces for a small cost and double as mood lighting in the evening. Add a dedicated charging station and take back your precious counter space for more important things like making cookies and pasta from scratch.

Or you can go all in and get a full speaker system installed so you can listen to your favourite podcast from the kitchen, change to some classical for the library, and switch up to some fast-paced tunes when it comes time to head over to your private gym.

Inspired, yet? The best news yet is that you don’t need to move to find your dream home! Shignanski’s team of experts can turn your vision into reality, whether you’re interested in a full home reno or you’re just looking to transform one or more rooms.    

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